Getting on track

With a week of Germany under my belt, I’m beginning to fall back into our Deutsch routine and thankfully, the time-zone. It’s been a productive week, despite the fact that this blog has nothing to show for it, and I hope the pictures below do it justice.


Nothing says welcome home like a giant, three-layer, chocolate cake. That was my thinking when Jordan and I hosted a dinner party for our friends and decided that dessert would make up for the fact that our furniture had yet to arrive. Thus, squeezed into one armchair, one loveseat, a few chairs and one and a half tables, nine of us tucked into dinner, wine and cake. I am proud to announce though, that a few days later our furniture made an appearance and the house is finally full of chairs, pictures, books, pots and pans! Let the real  fun commence immediately.


Jordan and I decided that since the sun made a rare and brief appearance on Saturday, Prague would be a worthwhile venture given that it is a mere two hour drive from our home. So we bundled up, grabbed my camera and went exploring.



I could eat this for days. The clever czechs made the wise choice of taking dough, wrapping it around a spit and baking it over an open flame until cooked golden brown, only to dust it in cinnamon, sugar and chopped almonds. The results are ridiculously delicious and sinfully comforting when it starts to get too cold to feel your fingers and toes.


This coming Saturday we have plans to venture into the Czech Republic again for a spa day, and ample amounts of the famous Czech beer.  Pictures, details and thoughts forthcoming and until next time, sbohem and Auf Wiedersehen!

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