To Beer or not to Beer?

Answer: Definitely to beer.

Living here in Germany, a lot of ideas get tossed around thanks to word of mouth. As in most other cases, who you know matters quite a bit. Fortunately for us, we know some pretty wonderful and adventurous people who know some pretty fabulous things to see and do.

Case in point? A spa in the Czech Republic that our friends suggested, where you get cozy in a rustic looking wooden bath tub filled with the spa’s famed beer treatment. As an added bonus, you’re encouraged to tip back as many steins of light Czech Pils as your heart (and  tolerance) desires, from your own personal keg right next to your tub.


At first we did it for the story–where else can you submerge yourself in beer besides college? But as you can see above, it turned out to be a decadent (albeit reasonably priced) and wonderful experience. The giant wooden tubs were ridiculously snuggly, and each room has its own private waterfall to make it  even more relaxed. The antique fixtures and pretty tile floor completed the scene. 20140210-124923.jpg

I can’t say I’ve ever heard of another place that encourages you to drink beer in your bath, but maybe more places should start.


Follow your bath up with a hearty lunch or dinner at the adjoining restaurant, pick up some growlers of beer to bring home, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful afternoon/evening.



I had the duck ragout with crisp roasted vegetables and a potato bread pudding. Czech food is soooo flavorful and delicious and I am most enthusiastically a fan.

So if you ever find yourself with some free time in the Czech Republic, look up Purkmistr and go take a beer bath!

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