What to wear: Switzerland

This weekend Jordan and I are headed off to Zurich, Switzerland to meet up with a friend from the states and do some exploring. Expect pictures of our adventures, and all the chocolate and macarons I plan on eating, after the weekend but in the meantime here’s a small sample of what I’m currently cramming into my luggage.

What to wear: Switzerland

At this point in the season, I don’t leave home without my Barbour coat. It’s weatherproof, machine washable, breathable, with a plethora of pockets,  and a roomy hood. It doesn’t get any better than this British brand’s staple.  Pair that with my sunglasses, a hat and a few scarfs and at that point, it hardly matters what else I bring…

…I will however pack some sweaters, my favorite long necklace, comfy boots for walking everywhere, and a dress or two just in case! Lastly, I’ll be toting my favorite bag, the Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote. It can hold EVERYTHING from my camera, cosmetic case, my mophie juice pack for my phone, snacks, a water bottle, my passport, my wallet, more snacks….it’s a very stylish beast of a bag. Stay tuned for pictures, or keep up with us on my twitter or instagram account. Enjoy your weekend!

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