Picture Perfect in Zurich

Before the long weekend I gave everyone a peek into my luggage, so it seems only fair that I offer a much prettier picture–or twenty–of Zurich. We did plenty of walking, saw the major sites and ate our fair share of delicious food. I’ll try to keep the commentary to a bare minimum and let the pictures do most of the talking.

IMG_1110Here’s our first glimpse of Zurich, with the Grossmünster to the left, and the Alps hanging out prettily in the background. We ended up indulging in some fantastic Valentine’s day eats after this early evening stroll. In my opinion, my dinner choice was by far the best:

1901609_10201673129457753_1121773056_nthat (not so little) little beauty is a generous tub of cheesy goodness. Specifically, a mixture of four different cheeses and prosecco. It came with all the usual fixings, as well as pears, to submerge in a cheese bath. So my night pretty much consisted of spear, dunk, eat, and repeat. I don’t hate it one bite…I mean bit.

On day two we got down to business and explored Zurich properly. IMG_1156IMG_1159

Views from atop the Grossmünster, definitely worth the climb.

IMG_1185Another guy with the right idea–look at that view!

IMG_1188IMG_1211IMG_1209Who doesn’t love a few old, gorgeous, churches?

However, after plenty of exploring we once again found ourselves with grumbling stomachs and found a farmers market just in the nick of time. After carefully scoping out the vendors, we went with bread and cheese as the perfect midday snack. IMG_1183IMG_1193

We followed that up with some more exploring around and on Lake Zurich…


IMG_1245IMG_1256 By which point, it was definitely time for dessert.


Normally I don’t get as excited about cake as other people (most normal, rational, human beings). However, some places are just too damn cute. Case in point? Cupcake Affair. They have the most beautiful cupcakes and cupcake towers on display…



IMG_1206Naturally, we got some of the miniatures to sample their wares. I have to admit that even I was very impressed. I had the mango passionfruit and Jordan indulged in the chocolate raspberry. There was much mmmmmming to go around.

After cupcakes though, we embraced another petite dessert that is near and dear to my heart.


IMG_1195French macarons really do take first place for me. Our box had something for everyone in it…chocolate, fleur de sel caramel, vanilla bean,  and chocolate banana for him. Meanwhile I went right for the lumiscent, gold colored champagne morsel pictured above. It was incredible. Then, since the box does instruct you to eat these particular macarons immediately, I happily devoured the raspberry, lemon, pistachio, and so on. You can find these bad boys, along with countless other desserts, at Sprüngli Zurich on Bahnhofstrasse.


I hope that virtual ‘taste’ of Zurich was almost as enjoyable for you as it was for me, and after a few days at the gym I’m feeling a little less guilty about all those tastes myself. If you do ever have the chance to visit, find a few hours to stroll about and take a boat ride on Lake Zurich. Then grab a few treats, bread, and some cheese and you’ll feel very good about life–guaranteed!

7 thoughts on “Picture Perfect in Zurich

  1. My hubs and I are in zurich right now for a couple of months! So needless to say, I got super excited when I saw your post 🙂 we have only been here for a week…so still trying to figure out the best places to visit, but I plan on taking some of your suggestions! Especially for the macaroons 🙂 any other good finds we should know about? Love your blog!

  2. Lucky ducks!
    -If you guys haven’t already, you might want to invest in the Zurich Card–it gets you access to all the public transportation (trains, trams, and the boat) and most of the museums are included on it for free entry. Some stores and restaurants participate and offer a discount for card holders, but it varies by the vendor. Maybe get two cards for a weekend to explore the city and get a lay of the land?
    -Food is pretty pricey in Zurich compared to other places we’ve been to in Europe, but one place we found for bunch that was excellent was Chez Toi–they do crêpes amongst other things at exceedingly reasonable prices. And it’s delicious.
    -Find the farmers markets for other good food options–you can get a lot of great produce, cheese, and baked goods for very reasonable prices.
    -Bahnhofstrasse is definitely shopping mecca. I’m jealous you get to spend more time there perusing the shops! Definitely take advantage of it.
    -Head down to the Alps and go skiing/cross into Italy! My favorite part of living abroad is getting to travel to other countries so easily.

    I hope that helps and I really do hope you enjoy your stay! If you think of anything else you can always reach me here, by email, or on twitter/facebook. Happy travels!!

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