Get Better Baking

One of our friends is spending the week in the hospital, so it seems like a good time to drop off some well wishes and treats! I made two desserts that we’ll package up and deliver later today. The first, from Averie Cooksis an easy crowd pleaser: Red Velvet Chocolate Swirled-Brownie Bars. Her recipe is incredibly simple and the results are amazing.

IMG_1338 IMG_1343 IMG_1351

I also made snickerdoodle cupcakes because…why not. These babies from Sally’s Baking Addiction are another easy to whip up delight.

IMG_1363 IMG_1370

I think a sugar-rush is just the pick me up our friend needs! Of course, if you find yourself in a mid-week slump, then maybe the brownie/cupcake prescription will work wonders for you too.

9 thoughts on “Get Better Baking

  1. Your friend is sure to feel better by just a simple visit from you to lift the spirits. Those desserts look absolutely amazing. Thanks for including recipes! 🙂

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