The Hair Necessities

Look for these hair necessities. They’re simple and they’ll help you forget about your hair worries and strife. While they’re not all  mother nature’s recipes, they’ll definitely keep your hair looking–and feeling–perfect.  Wherever I wander, and wherever roam, I couldn’t be fonder of these products to make all the difference in my hair condition and style. Look for most of these hair necessities online, or in stores like Blue Mercury and Neiman Marcus, which also carry an excellent selection of the Oribe products. When you look at the enviable locks of some celebrities, the truth is most of them were styled using Oribe products which have become the go-to for red carpet hair stylists, for a reason.  Take a glance at their fancy hair, and then maybe try a few of the hair necessities yourself. So just relax, if you’re having hair troubles ….don’t spend your time just looking around, for hair you want, but can’t seem to find. When you realize you can solve it, you’ll move on, no more stressing about it. I’ll tell you something true, the hair necessities of life will work for you.

Also, on the off chance you missed the theme that just played out above, take a listen down memory lane. And if you never saw the Jungle Book, know that I’m crying, just a little, for your incomplete childhood. The Hair Necessities

Step 1: Prepping your hair with good products is essential to styling it beautifully later. Look at it as if you’re laying a foundation for great hair. If your hair is dry, damaged, brittle, or thin, this is the step that is potentially most important for you. Wella makes excellent products that protect your hair,  keep it looking glossy and healthy, and improve the quality of it over time. Additionally, Oribe’s deep conditioner masques can be used once a week (or more depending on how thick your hair is) to really make a big impact. After one conditioning treatment  I immediately see a difference in the quality, condition, texture, and appearance of my hair. And all the products smell addictively like heaven and happiness.

Step 2: So you’re washed, you’re conditioned, and now the fun begins. I detangle my hair with the milkshake leave in conditioner and a wide tooth comb. This brand isn’t  huge, but I was introduced to it at my hair salon and have been using this particular product since high school. It gets rid of any knots without a struggle, and it adds just a little more conditioning to my hair before styling. Next I do a few mists of Oribe’s foundation mist, which acts as a thermal and UV protectant. Then comes possibly my absolute favorite product: Oribe’s Royal Blowout Spray. This speeds up the dry time–both naturally and with a blowdryer–of my hair and helps me gets a smooth and shiny finish. It is an absolute dream to use. Finally, I put a little Argan oil on my ends to keep them healthy and avoid splitting.

Step 3: These are by no means all necessary for every person. However, depending on how you want to style your hair, they’re all game changers.  If you’re looking for extra thick hair or curls, Oribe mousse is the crème de la crème, and will help you achieve a beautiful finished look. If sleek and shiny hair is more your tempo, the cream and nourishing hair oil will make that a reality for you.

Step 4: These are the finishing touches. Again, use whichever product suits your style and hair type. The Oribe superfine hairspray is a winner for individuals with thinner hair because it doesn’t weigh it down or look greasy over time. Oribe soft laquer spray makes hair look shiny and smooth, but still very touchable and natural. Meanwhile, the Àpres beach spray maintains curled locks, while preventing them from seeming ‘too perfect’ and childish, think Victoria’s Secret model hair, with clothing. The mini impermeable spray is perfect for a purse or gym bag to freshen up hair, both in style and scent, and the anti-humidity spray is the only thing that I’ve ever used that works in high humidity.

I realize these products are pricey but invest in steps 1 & 2, and choose only a few from 3 & 4 to really make your hair picture perfect. They last quite a while for me, even with pretty thick and long hair. Once you start using these hair necessities though, I regret to inform you, that nothing else will ever match their quality and effectiveness. So get ready to get addicted and enjoy the hairrrr necessities, the simple hair necessities….and I’ll stop reliving my childhood movie favorites.

Note: To learn more about Oribe as a brand, its products, and salons near you that carry/use them pop over to their website.

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