Pleats A’Plenty

Lately I’ve been in a clothing cycle revolving around gym clothes and lazy clothes, as we loving refer to pajamas and yoga pants. While it has been comfortable, it does leave one feeling a little underwhelmed. To break up my boring tomboy rut, I’ve been eyeing up all things pleated. Examples? These looks from the Celine, Proenza Schouler, Rochas, and Gucci runways.
00240h_426x639 00180h_426x639 00220h_426x639 00040h_426x639
Plus, no post on pleats could be complete without a look at this stunner: my new dream dress, Lupita Nyong’o’s custom Prada number. Lupita-Nyongo-Light-Blue-Prada-Dress-Oscars-2014
If you’re not interested in hopping into the pleat parade, then suit yourself! For everyone who is interested in joining though, pleats work beautifully in both skirts and dresses, of all lengths, colors, and patterns. I’m especially taken with the slightly longer, almost midi-length versions. All of these skirts and dresses just make me want to twirl and embrace the pleats, à la Lupita. Pleats A'Plenty

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