Paris Part II

My initial post on Paris is certainly a hard one to beat, but that was only day one in the city, so it feels irresponsible not to share the rest of our fun. If you’re not up to speed though, you’re encouraged to check out the first part of our Paris fun here.

After we said our goodbyes to Brian we found ourselves by the Eiffel Tower, a bit frigid, and extremely excited. So we set about finding a café to collect ourselves in, and start celebrating. Fortunately for us, Paris is littered with options so we ducked into the first one we saw, grabbed some champagne and tucked into some macarons because, Paris.

We then wandered around the city as it went from noon to night, and watched as places started to light up in preparation.


We ended up at a tiny moroccan restaurant by our hotel in the latin quarter, before retiring from a very exciting day.
The following morning we got up and got to exploring.


We managed a quick visit to Notre Dame
IMG_0134 IMG_0143IMG_0139
And then headed over to the Louvre to actually go inside this time. IMG_0084IMG_0192 IMG_0210IMG_0200 IMG_0175 IMG_0174 IMG_0173 IMG_0206
Afterwards, there was more walking. IMG_0219 IMG_0212 IMG_0228 IMG_0227 IMG_0220IMG_0060 IMG_0229IMG_0059IMG_0246IMG_0247Fun fact: walking all day will give anyone an appetite, and we were no exception. After a real lunch at a bar on the Champs-Élysées we got our priorities in order and sought out dessert.


IMG_0237Truly, there was only one place to go: Ladurée. The luxury pâtisserie was established in 1862. They rose to immense popularity when they took two macaron shells and sandwiched various fillings between them, as we now enjoy today. That, and the tearoom they added, made them enormously popular. Today they sell roughly 15,000 macarons a day  which I understand because I could probably eat them by the dozen, around the clock.  We happily got into the rather crowded line and set about making an educated decision about which macarons to indulge in. However, everything at Ladurée is tantalizingly beautiful and delicious looking. IMG_0240 IMG_0239It would be a mistake though, to visit and not get macarons. So we did.
They were insanely delicious–easily the best macarons I’ve ever had. While there are numerous other respected pâtisseries in Paris turning out these colorful delights, I’d venture a guess that Ladurée trumps them all. So much so that we bought a bigger box of them to take back to Germany with us.


In a nutshell, Paris was beautiful, exciting, and endlessly entertaining. I hope we can go back one day, after we check some other places off the bucket list, because there’s still plenty more to see and do! But for now, Paris was a memorable and beautiful vacation I won’t soon forget.

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