Frame your Face

I’m way too excited to announce that the sun is finally out in Germany–sometimes more than once a week! This fact, combined with it being March, means spring is finally ( supposedly, tantalizingly ) on its way. However, to start preparing for spring, you’ll need to start thinking about switching out your wardrobe: bye-bye chunky sweaters, helloooo sundresses. In terms of accessories, sunglasses are pretty crucial given that whole ‘sunny’ situation. To help you find the right pair for your face, so you can see through all the sunshine, and be seen looking your best, I broke down face shapes into four main categories, with suggested frames next to each one. There are way more than just these face shapes, but this guide demonstrates some key points to keep in mind when picking the frames for you. To help you find your face shape, follow this guide from  The Beauty Department.
As I cautioned, my breakdown is not as thorough as TBD’s, but overall the same rules can be applied.
Frame your Face
  • Rounder faces should opt for more angular frames, like a classic wayfarer, to help break up the curve of their face.
  • Square/angular (diamond, etc) faces should instead search for rounder frames, that soften their features.
  • Heart (diamond, etc.) shaped faces look best with a cat eye (as slight or exaggerated as your taste dictates) because it helps balance your forehead-to-chin proportions.
  • Oval (oblong, etc.)  shaped faces have it easiest here, and can pretty much get away with any frame shape.
Of course, if there’s simply a style you like best then by all means, screw the rules and enjoy your frames and the good weather! At the very least, we can all try to emulate Emma Stone’s badass attitude in Easy A with her classic ray bans. The sunglasses don’t make the girl or guy, but they sure seem to make them feel and look awesome.

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