Introducing Bentley

A pawminent part of my life was briefly hinted at in an earlier post. After seeing that his picture was posted, my four-legged friend informed me that it was rather rude of me not to make proper introductions. So to appease his sensibilities, and to share the joy that he brings to everyone he meets, it seems long overdue that I introduce Bentley.

To sweeten my apology to him, for not making those proper introductions, I decided he needed a little something to remind him how much he’s adored. Big chain pet-stores are great options, but this particular occasion warranted something a little more special, and it was definitely worth the effort.

If there’s a special someone in your life, and you’re looking to really impress them, you should give doggy style a try!


Inside, the store is full of everything your dog (or cat, if you’re into that) could ever want or need and then some…



IMG_1408Including an epic wall of toys….

And a huge array of special occasion treats that you should definitely label as being ‘for the dog’ because they might be mistaken for people treats…

IMG_1407 IMG_1406 IMG_1405 IMG_1404 IMG_1403 IMG_1401

After much debating, it seemed only right to go big…so a large, super-tough, pterodactyl toy was purchased for the four-legged mister.

I rushed home to show him his pressie and he was waiting eagerly to see what exactly mom had procured to apologize for neglecting to introduce him earlier….


and it was love at first sight…or bite….

IMG_1452 IMG_1453 IMG_1454


Bentley romped for a while before settling down to thank me properly, and remind me that a photo shoot was still in order. How could I say no?

IMG_1444 IMG_1455 IMG_1467 IMG_1460 IMG_1458

In case you couldn’t tell, Bentley is right at home in front of a camera. This isn’t news though, all his life my big guy has been quite the camera hog! I can’t resist sharing some of his cutest moments….

Picture 4

Posing for the camera and for ME Photography

Picture 8 Picture 6

Most likely posing for a treat…


The day we brought him home….150730_3200233412470_1638048201_n 603832_10200112646526655_1184609543_n 525553_3204019707125_393709137_n 380318_3204068548346_418462492_n

So you can appreciate his growth in the first few weeks…needless to say I won’t be carrying him again any time soon.


So now that my dearest canine friend has been appeased, he informed me that he’s very happy you can all now appreciate his cuteness, and suggests you pick up anything at Doggy Style for your friends, to remind them how much you appreciate their unconditional love!

Also, puppies running:

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