Livin’ La Vida Vitamix

So there’s life, and then there’s life after Vitamix. I’ve loudly proclaimed, to much teasing, that a Vitamix is not just a blender…it’s a lifestyle. I say all of this with a heavy dose of humor, but after owning one for a few weeks now…I have to say, it really is a game changer and dream machine. Now that I’ve made a decent assortment of smoothies, I feel it’s time I start sharing…so without further delay…here’s what Vitamix can do for you, juice-wise.


My baby is the Vitamix 750 Pro, and in addition to the usual settings from 1-10, it has pre-sets like smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, puree, and wash. I’m mostly going to explore the smoothie setting in this post..but trust me…making almond butter in this baby is a dream.


The question is…what should you put in your smoothie? Should and could are two different categories here, because you really can put anything in a Vitamix. Smoothies, if made well, can be an amazing source of all sorts of vitamins and nutrients to help you look and feel better from the inside out! If you want more authoritative information, go check out Nutrition Stripped for all her amazing recipes and insight.

I personally like a combination of fruit, vegetables, superfoods, liquid, and ice.

For veggies I use:

  • Spinach (one generous handfull)
  • Kale (three or four large leaves)
  • Broccoli (one or two chunks)
  • Parsley (about three tablespoons)
  • Sometimes I also add cucumber or avocado, depending on whether or not I want it creamier

For fruits I use:

  • Orange/Lemon (one, peeled and seeds removed)
  • An apple or pear ,cored
  • A few grapes
  • Five or six pineapple chunks
  • Sometimes I add a passionfruit, papaya, a whole kiwi, berries, or mango
  • I also add bananas if I want a thicker smoothie, or am using less fruit in general. They’re excellent frozen

After all of this, I gradually add water (you can use any kind of milk or whatever you prefer) to thin the smoothie out a little if I’m not aiming for something really thick, along with 8-10 ice cubes.

Meyer lemons are especially great in smoothies, because they’re a little bit sweeter but still cut the taste of the greens!


Superfoods you say?

  • Spirulina powder, about a tablespoon
  • Ground flax seed, another tablespoon
  • Chia Seeds, two tablespoons
  • Live Active Manuka Honey, tablespoon
  • Udo’s Oil, a few drops




If green isn’t really your thing, that’s fine…I also have a back up plan if you’re looking for something that tastes decadent but is actually just excellent for you!


An Avocado-Date-Banana-Cacao Nib smoothie.

Mix one avocado, one frozen banana, a few dates, and two tablespoons of ground raw cacao powder together with ice and a little almond/cashew/soy/regular milk if you’d like. You can also sneak some flax and chia seeds into it too! Either way, enjoy!


Needless to say, there are many different kinds of smoothies (and soups, and dressings, and frozen treats, and doughs, and butters, and love) in my future thanks to this beauty of a machine (an amazing, perfect, incredible, and wonderful gift from my bridesmaids!) and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Now I’m gonna go back to blending some impossible things into itty bitty little pieces!



Let’s Eat: Liège Waffles

This post has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here today! What could possibly be worth such a long wait you ask? Well…how about the recipe for authentic liège waffles a la our earlier trip (and blog post) to Belgium? That’s what I thought.

I’ve been wishing for these ever since I had them a few weeks ago, so without any further delay: Waffles!


You’ll need:

  • 3 1/2 cups bread flour
  • 1 packet dry active yeast
  • 3/4 cup lukewarm (100-110 degrees F) milk
  • 8 oz softened butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 generous tsp vanilla bean paste or regular vanilla extract
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 1 bag of belgian pearl sugar (available at



I figured out why Belgian waffles are SO addictive and amazing…the drugs they put in the batter!

IMG_1543 IMG_1540A little of this stuff makes a HUGE different in all the baking I do…I cannot recommend it enough!

To make all these things turn into heavenly waffles:

  1. Add your yeast to the milk with some sugar to let it proof. When it’s foamy and ready (about ten minutes), add all the other ingredients,except the sugar!!, and mix well.
  2. Let the dough rise for approximately 30 minutes, covered with a towel and set in a warm and cozy spot.
  3. Once the dough has risen, add an entire bag of pearl sugar…this is about to get realIMG_1546
  4. Make sure your waffle iron is heated, I set mine to level 4
  5. Break the dough into roughly 3oz balls, and then pat them down before placing them in the waffle iron to cook. IMG_1551 IMG_1547
  6. They should be a nice brown color by the time you’re finished cooking (5+ minutes). Watch to make sure the sugar melts and crystallizes but does not burn!.
  7. Eat your face off and quote Shrek repeatedly. IMG_1553

They are so delicious and way better than any other waffle I’ve ever tried…I can’t recommend them enough, if you have the energy! When you wish upon a waffle, dreams really do come true assuming you have crack sugar…I mean Belgian pearl sugar.

The extra dough can also be wrapped in plastic wrap and frozen until you have a craving at a later date…you never know when the waffle urge might strike!