Honeymooning in an Italian Paradise, Part 1

People wax poetic about things being “worth the wait” which can get old fast. However, I feel confident assuring everyone that our honeymoon (and this post) fit that description. Our wedding was our happiest day and I cannot wait to share some of it with you soon, but I think starting in Italy is a perfectly acceptable way to begin a comeback…and a marriage! Pride & Polka Dots View We wanted to jet off to somewhere stunning, with water but also culture and history and well, food. When our travel guru at Jetsetter whittled the choices down to Greece or Italy, we decided our relationship with pizza was stronger than that with feta, and happily started making arrangements for a week in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Pride & Polka Dots Boat Life What. A. Week. Pride and Polka Dots Positano View This was the view we enjoyed every morning over breakfast… It was a perfect week together. We had private tours of Pompeii and Naples (thanks Alessandro!) beautiful gourmet dining on our small hotel’s luxe terrace overlooking the coast, a private cooking class with some of the best chefs in town, and jaunts off to Capri on a boat to take in the sun, surf, and scenery. It was perfect and picturesque…which means I don’t need to ramble on much to share our fun. Pride and Polka Dots Positano Honeymoon The prettiest coast Pride & Polka Dots  Li Galli The island of Li Galli Pride & Polka Dots Capri 1 Best form of transportation Pride and Polka Dots Positano Fruit We consistently had the most delicious produce everywhere we went…any place that grows lemons is good with me. Pride and Polka Dots Honeymoon Snaps A place so delicious it made even the Londoner jealous

Da Adolfo eats

Da Adolfo eats

Pride & Polka Dots  6 The view from atop Monte Solaro in old town CapriPride & Polka Dots Monte Solaro Pride & Polka Dots 2 Pride & Polka Dots  Vesuvius Pride & Polka Dots  Granita Granita became a pretty standard part of our day… Pride & Polka Dots  Capri 6 Pride & Polka Dots Capri Gardens Pride & Polka Dots Capri 4 Playing in Pompeii…. Pride and Polka Dots Pompeii 3 Pride and Polka Dots Pompeii Pride and Polka Dots Pompeii Tour Apollo’s Temple… Pride and Polka Dots Pizza in Naples And of course, a pizza tasting in Naples. Pride & Polka Dots Amalfi Coast There’s plenty more to share…but one post can only handle so much excitement. Check back later for our cooking class, more vacation pictures and of course, wedding photos!

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