Under 20 Series: Part I

Call it wishful thinking, but I thought it might be fun to post about things to get you out exploring when the weather turns friendly. Hopefully March goes out like a lamb, and we can all get out and enjoy warmer temperatures and sunshine!

Jordan and I both consider the Philadelphia area our state-side home base, so it’s with a lot of enthusiasm that I wanted to do a series on twenty things you can do in the area for under twenty dollars. First up is one of my favorite places in the city: Magpie.

Magpie: 1622 South St. Philadelphia, PA  19146.
Phone: 267-519-2904
Website: http://www.iluvmagpie.com

I will give you exactly one guess what Magpie is all about….

1922286_629629230424744_2003404272_n                  Photo credited to Magpie, link via picture.

If you guessed PIE you are correct! Fortunately for you, with twenty dollars in your pocket, the wealth of Magpie is essentially yours. You have options!

No piece of pie will cost you more than $10 for starters, which means you can pick from the seasonal menu offerings, both sweet and savory. And get yourself a cup of coffee or tea too!

To sweeten the deal, Magpie offers a special on Wednesdays, where $14 earns you a slice of savory pie, a slice of sweet pie, and a cup of coffee or tea.

1798561_617717594949241_497136408_n                  Photo credited to Magpie, link via picture.

With beauties like these, how could you possibly resist anyways?

1970415_627773120610355_33058205_n                  Magpie’s Banana Nilla Wafer Pie. Photo credited to Magpie, link via picture.

IMG_1414                  Magpie Blackout Pie: a chocolatey pudding pie that is scary good.

20140326-155517.jpg                  Lemon Gingersnap Pie from the winter menu


My kryptonite: lemon curd pie with rosemary shortbread. About as perfect a bite of food as any person could ever hope to bestow upon their tastebuds.

20140326-155534.jpgPossibly my second favorite pie ever, the pear ginger crumb.

But what about breakfast?! While I think it’s perfectly reasonable to have pie for breakfast, during the weekend, you can also use that money in your pocket to put quiche in your mouth. Yup, you heard it here too. 20140326-155336.jpg

Magpie’s quiche-game is unparalleled. And the store is BYOB so you can make a truly festive brunch out of it!

Sadly, sometimes you can’t find the time to sit and really treasure your piece of pie with the attention it deserves. If you need your pie on-the-go, there’s a VERY appetizing solution: pie milkshakes.

Slice of pie + rich vanilla ice cream + blender = pie à la mode to go.

20140326-155231.jpg IMG_1413


Or you can stay in and eat it too. I thoroughly enjoyed the banana nilla wafer pie milkshake. Probably because I’m human with functioning tastebuds.

There is one more major offering to consider from Magpie, and while it does not fit into the realm of ‘under 20’ sometimes things are worth a little extra. In this case? How about a pie-making class with owner, mastermind, pie aficionado, and all around wonderful human Holly Ricciardi? That sounds good to you? Great! Grab a friend or loved one, and sign up for one of their monthly pie-making classes. Info is posted on their facebook page and website as classes are scheduled, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

My mom and I went back in December and it was so, so, so much fun.

We made cranberry apple pies under Holly’s close supervision and learned a lot about pie, and baking in general. But mostly, we had a lot of fun.


True story: you, as a pie-making class attendee, are fortunate enough to get the real-deal recipe for both the pie filling and the irresistibly good pie crust that separates Magpie pies from regular pie.


Looking way too good to be made by me….


Lattice work like a pro…because a pro was watching/guiding/encouraging
20140326-155502.jpgALL MINE.  You get to take your pie home with you, which just makes it even better because you get to share (or not) the goods with everyone.

So that officially concludes the inaugural post in the “under 20” series and I hope you’re motivated to try some pie. The shop is utterly adorable, the staff is wonderful, and Holly has a well-deserved reputation as the best pie-maker (and incredibly sweet and knowledgeable person!) in town. Now if you’ll excuse me, I really need some pie.