Let’s Eat: More Colors

Warm weather is just around the corner, and with it comes bathing suits, dresses, shorts, and that urge to look great when you’re not bundled up. While hitting the gym and exercising is the obvious choice now to help you look better later, it’s pretty important that you also feel great for summer and all seasons. Plus, it’s entirely true that ‘abs are made in the kitchen.’ With that in mind, I don’t personally think there’s one cure-all diet program that can solve everything for everyone, so I try to balance my food choices. One simple and effective way of making sure you’re getting the vitamins and nutrients your body does need to feel and look better, is to fill your plate, bowl, or drink with a variety of color.

This really only applies to fruits and veggies: we know beef is red but that doesn’t mean it’s full of phtyo-nutrients. However, odds are you’re not getting enough of either kind of produce. Color makes food more appealing in my opinion–a creative salad certainly looks more appetizing than just a pile of sad, pale, iceberg lettuce, and brown oatmeal is nutritious sure, but wouldn’t it look even better loaded with berries and bananas too? I’m not advocating for a vegan, vegetarian, or any particular lifestyle, merely an easy trick to keep in mind when making food choices! Besides, I’m not a doctor, I just play one on the internet today.

The guide below is of my own creation and is not meant to be all encompassing, just an intro on why different colored foods can benefit your overall health. I picked some staples–tomatoes and bananas–and threw in passionfruit to keep things interesting. Most information in the guide was sourced from searches on nutrition.gov and other nutrition data websites. If you’re looking for even more, this blog is filled to the brim with nutritious recipes and nutrition information.

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There are two final pieces of information I’d offer. First off is, that if you’re dieting for weight loss it is important to keep in mind that fruits are high in sugar. Second, some of the nutrients in foods like tomatoes and sweet potatoes are best absorbed when eaten with a small dose of a healthy fat. So putting a small serving of olive oil on your tomatoes can actually help your body reap the benefits. Otherwise, enjoy eating your colors!