Holiday Series: Thank the Host

I plan on posting gift guides, holiday decorating tips, and festive recipes in the next few weeks (’tis the season and all…) but before we tuck into presents and fun, let’s not forget the hosts who put everything together. If you’ve ever hosted a large gathering, then you know every bit counts–whether it’s the people who stay to help clean, pitch in on the cooking, or come early to help set up–any and all help makes a world of difference.
This holiday season, however, I hope to go beyond helping in the cleaning and cooking realm, and make sure every host I encounter knows how much I appreciate their effort with a little token of my gratitude. Holiday Series: Thank the Host
As I think about a hostess present, I consider several things. Is this a family member or friend? Do I know their hobbies, tastes, and interests? Is this my first time at their home? All of these factors collide and provide insight as to what might make an perfect present. Nonetheless, it should ideally be something the host would not normally buy for themselves (perhaps it seems too frivolous a lá a Jo Malone candle) but fits their tastes to the extent of your knowledge. If I know someone who loves cheese, or simply entertains a ton, a fancy cheese plate and/or knives would make a meaningful and useful gift they’re sure to remember. Cool and eclectic tokens of gratitude, like rose gold playing cards, will certainly stand out from the pack with a hint of luxury and cool. Fun, festive barware always works for someone who entertains–from fun glasses to unique coasters, and beyond to copper pieces. If all else fails, finding food items that are part decadent, part interesting, is always appreciated.

There’s something for everyone out there. As you brave the cold and crowds, may your holidays be full of fun and love this year, and may your hosts always know the bounds of your gratitude!

November Necessities

It’s officially November (all month long) and it’s time to break out the big three: sweaters, scarves, and coats. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites–perfect for chilly adventures and cozy fun! November Necessities
  • Sweaters: Unsurprisingly, this fall staple is  a personal favorite. I love j.crew’s offerings for consistently well-made products that come in a pleasing array of cuts and colors. Their merino wool options are excellent, as are the cashmere ones.
  • Scarves: Capes are (supposedly) back in style and while I understand the appeal of essentially wearing a blanket, I’m not about to hop on that trend. However, there’s an easy way to get the look without committing to a purchase: get yourself a blanket scarf. You can wrap it around your neck, drape it, and belt it for a chic, slimming, and on-trend look. Fun fact: it’s still a scarf.
  • Coats: Long gone are the days of puffy, marshmallow, coats. Instead, look for fashionable options in classic cuts: pea coats (double breasted and single), robe coats that are sumptuous and stunning, and dress coats that are cut and belted for that classic Kate Middleton style.


Happy shopping and be sure to stay warm and stay stylish!

Fall back in love

Fall back in love…with Pride and Polka dots and fall fashion. Timing is everything, and naturally new jobs and various obligations make it difficult to spend time on blogging. However, I was able to carve out some time to plan posts, which means that the blog-posting future looks bright! So, without further delay….
The weather in Germany has finally approached fall-like temperatures, which means it is seasonally appropriate to talk about fall favorites: style edition. Think rich colors and texture, fun prints, and new lengths.
Fall back in love


-Over-the-knee boots are quickly becoming a new fashion industry staple, and my selections from Tory Burch and Stuart Weitzman are favorites for good reason. The black Weitzman’s are statement-making albeit simple, which makes them ideal for any special outing. Conversely,  the Tory Burch option goes from day to night seamlessly, looking equally at home with skinny jeans or paired with a shorter hem-line.


-Flats are a year-round must have, but fall is the best time to experiment with fun colors, prints, and with richer materials. This scalloped offering (see Chloé for perfection) would go with just about anything, while the Stubbs & Wootton smoking slipper variation is a fun take on a classic.


-Plaid screams fall (and all things Christmas) but looks fresh when conceptualized as a muted-print coat from Intermix this season. However, there’s still no such thing as too many flannels or button-downs.


-Midi-skirts are also increasingly popular. They add a lady-like elegance to any outfit that is both incredibly striking while still modest.


-Blazers are a necessity for any person, but these options from J.Crew and T by Alexander Wang are game changers.


-Richer colors, from manicures to mini-bags, are also a good investment to match the new fall hues!


This fall is set to be a season ripe with fun and opportunity, and has always been my favorite time of the fashion year. There’s nothing better than pulling together an outfit that is simultaneously stylish, cozy, and flattering. Have at it, and stay tuned for more fall-related posts in the very (I promise) near future!

Shop for a Cause

Multitasking is a habit of mine, and at various times, it applies to cooking, cleaning, working, and shopping. For example, I listened to potential songs for our wedding playlist while cooking, working out, and cleaning. Ta-da! An effective use of my time to accomplish multiple, albeit simple, tasks simultaneously. Magic–I know. I’ve increasingly realized that there’s another way to multi-task to benefit more than your to-do list though, while having a little bit of fun yourself: shopping.
How can this be? To show you, I’ve rounded up pretty awesome products from around the web that are not only enjoyable for you, but also beneficial for various charities. Consider it a win-win for your closet and your conscience.
Shop for a Cause
  • Tory Burch Wrap Bracelets: Casual cool, these bracelets offer a pop of color to any outfit and 100% of the proceeds go to the Tory Burch Foundation, which helps women find economic opportunities in the United States via loans for female small business owners and entrepreneurs, mentoring programs, and education. Kudos to Tory!
  • FEED Bags: While not new, these bags remain a staple in the charitable wardrobe for good reason. In pretty prints, these totes are meant for summer and provide over 50 school meals to children in India and Africa.
  • Warby Parker: In the spirit of another do-good company, TOMS footwear, Warby Parker donates one pair of frames for every purchase, to people in need all over the globe.
  • Wounded Warrior Project: Perhaps this organization is a little nearer and dearer to my heart thanks to the time I spend with military service men and women, but don’t let my bias impede your purchase. Under Armour partnered with WWP to create an activewear clothing line whose proceeds go right to WWP, and to helping wounded US Veterans on the road to recovery.
  • J.Crew: J.Crew currently has two t-shirts that benefit charities, a 100% of proceeds for the Teach for America Tee go to the organization, while 50% of proceeds for the Philippines tee help with disaster relief.
  • Same Sky: Same Sky is an interesting and noteworthy charity that teaches African women artisan skills to become self-sufficient. By teaching these women in sub-saharan Africa various craft skills, Same Sky ensures they earn 15-20x more than their female counterparts in the area. 100% of the proceeds from these bracelets (and there are a lot of options on their website) go back to the women for more jobs and more supplies.
In truth, it’s a very simple way to make sure your choices are good ones in a bigger sense than your wardrobe. So get multi-tasking via shopping and do-gooding!

Nailed It

Sometimes the smallest things make all the difference. Point in case? Nails. I can’t help but notice when someone has neat and colorful nails: they’re eye-catching and can make even the most disheveled moments look a little more polished. Spring and summer are even more fun because there’s the added fun of sandals and pedicures, which are just an excuse to put more amusing colors to use. I rounded up my favorite polishes along with a handy guide (click photo for link) from Cupcakes and Cashmere on how to do the best at-home manicure, which proves useful here in Germany. 
mani1_0Nailed It
There is a nearly endless selection of colors and polishes to choose from on the market. To help sort through the good and the bad, I listed what brands I think are the very best, in some colors that I’m excited to wear all spring and summer. 
  • OPI  makes great polishes in terms of formula and colors at a really affordable price. They’re not indestructible, but if well cared for, they’ll last for days. 
  • Deborah Lippmann  makes some of the best colors on the market, and definitely the best selection of sparkly polishes. The sparkly options tend to last longer, but the creme colors don’t have as much staying power. 
  • Esteé Lauder polishes are hyper-pigmented, which means a little bit goes a long way in terms of coats. Their color selection isn’t as expansive, but the formula holds up beautifully over time. 
  • Chanel Le Vernis makes some of the best colors on the market, which is part of the reason they have a cult following. Seriously, go look up discontinued polish colors on and you’ll realize Chanel polishers mean business. However, I don’t have as much luck getting these polishes to stay for long, so they’re best suited to wear for that day and night. 
  • YSL polishes come in a smaller selection of beautiful colors at a higher price, but they last. They’re also incredibly easy to apply yourself because the brush is especially easy to use. 
  • Tom Ford hands down the best overall polish in terms of colors and staying power. The collection of colors is very simple: just the best of the basics (think red, dark plum, fuchsia, blush, etc)  you could ever imagine and they last at least five days. I’m debating between this polish and a gel manicure for my wedding because it’s that reliable and that effective. 


In terms of manicure maintenance you’ll want a strong base coat and an effective top-coat. My favorites are this for the base coat because it helps my nails grow quickly and healthy, and either this or this for my top coat.  Finally, nail-expert Robin Campbell at Laurentius Salon gave me some sage advice when it comes to nails: don’t pick, don’t cut your cuticles unless absolutely necessary, and remember that different polishes hold up differently for different people because the oils in our skin are all different and react with polishes in a variety of ways. So just because Chanel doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t be a sure winner for you and vice versa with Tom Ford.
Now excuse me while I lovingly and obsessively reorganized my polishes in color order! Happy polishing!20140310-100001.jpg

Can’t stop blushing

In keeping with the sunshine fandom and all things spring, there’s one trend that seems hard to ignore for this upcoming season: blush. Light pink? For spring? Groundbreaking, I know. However, the ultra-light, barely-pink, nearly-taupe/white shade that seems to be everywhere now is too pretty to pass up. It pairs with every color too: black, white, blue, tomato red (trust me, it works), brown, and especially gray. It’s a beautiful color that will carry you effortlessly through early spring into late summer.  You can easily break it out in the winter too, paired with darker colors. Can't stop blushing
So get blushing in a big way, with dresses dedicated to the shade, or let it sweeten up an outfit via your bag or shoes. It’s universally flattering so you’re guaranteed to look pretty in pink.

Frame your Face

I’m way too excited to announce that the sun is finally out in Germany–sometimes more than once a week! This fact, combined with it being March, means spring is finally ( supposedly, tantalizingly ) on its way. However, to start preparing for spring, you’ll need to start thinking about switching out your wardrobe: bye-bye chunky sweaters, helloooo sundresses. In terms of accessories, sunglasses are pretty crucial given that whole ‘sunny’ situation. To help you find the right pair for your face, so you can see through all the sunshine, and be seen looking your best, I broke down face shapes into four main categories, with suggested frames next to each one. There are way more than just these face shapes, but this guide demonstrates some key points to keep in mind when picking the frames for you. To help you find your face shape, follow this guide from  The Beauty Department.
As I cautioned, my breakdown is not as thorough as TBD’s, but overall the same rules can be applied.
Frame your Face
  • Rounder faces should opt for more angular frames, like a classic wayfarer, to help break up the curve of their face.
  • Square/angular (diamond, etc) faces should instead search for rounder frames, that soften their features.
  • Heart (diamond, etc.) shaped faces look best with a cat eye (as slight or exaggerated as your taste dictates) because it helps balance your forehead-to-chin proportions.
  • Oval (oblong, etc.)  shaped faces have it easiest here, and can pretty much get away with any frame shape.
Of course, if there’s simply a style you like best then by all means, screw the rules and enjoy your frames and the good weather! At the very least, we can all try to emulate Emma Stone’s badass attitude in Easy A with her classic ray bans. The sunglasses don’t make the girl or guy, but they sure seem to make them feel and look awesome.