November Necessities

It’s officially November (all month long) and it’s time to break out the big three: sweaters, scarves, and coats. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites–perfect for chilly adventures and cozy fun! November Necessities
  • Sweaters: Unsurprisingly, this fall staple is  a personal favorite. I love j.crew’s offerings for consistently well-made products that come in a pleasing array of cuts and colors. Their merino wool options are excellent, as are the cashmere ones.
  • Scarves: Capes are (supposedly) back in style and while I understand the appeal of essentially wearing a blanket, I’m not about to hop on that trend. However, there’s an easy way to get the look without committing to a purchase: get yourself a blanket scarf. You can wrap it around your neck, drape it, and belt it for a chic, slimming, and on-trend look. Fun fact: it’s still a scarf.
  • Coats: Long gone are the days of puffy, marshmallow, coats. Instead, look for fashionable options in classic cuts: pea coats (double breasted and single), robe coats that are sumptuous and stunning, and dress coats that are cut and belted for that classic Kate Middleton style.


Happy shopping and be sure to stay warm and stay stylish!

On Polka Dots

In keeping with the blog’s title, polka dots hold a place deep in the cockles of my heart. The print is timeless, versatile and so fun. In an array of colors–although I have a bias towards blue–polka dots make everything from dresses to china just a little more lighthearted, but no less wearable. So bring the dots into your home with pillows and kate spade china,  sport them on your bag and phone, or let them sweeten up any outfit with a scarf, pant, skirt or shoe. There are even polka dots for him, like the bow tie shown below, or the numerous ties on the web. So regardless if you like them big and bold, or small and delicate, polka dots can (and should) make their way into your closet, home and heart. On Polka Dots